Ribbons & Stitches

Ribbons & Stitches

Date: May 4, 2015


Posted by: Ryan








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Ribbons & Stitches started off as my final project for my M.A. and it has grown into my on going pet-project. It is a website dedicated to sewing created in WordPress(.org). I try to keep up with it on a weekly basis, which can be a challenge at times, but I love it! I create photo and video tutorials for semi-simple sewing projects, I also have a few things for sale at any given time.

I started off doing video tutorials when I was in graduate school and I had access to the equipment. Post graduation I began doing photo tutorials. This has actually given me the opportunity to take some really beautiful photographs, and to have an even deeper appreciation for the materials I work with. Also using my Google Analytics to monitor the site activity, it has become clear that users prefer the photo tutorials over the video tutorials.

I wanted the general feeling of the aesthetic to be a little bit vintage, but at the same time modern. It has gotten cleaner, and a bit more modern as I have revised it.

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