Boruca NGO Project

Boruca NGO Project

Date: May 3, 2015


Posted by: Ryan




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During January of 2012 I traveled with fellow masters students to Boruca Costa Rica. We worked with the La Flor de Boruca organization. La flor is a group of people that belong to the Boruca indigenous tribe of Costa Rica. Their goal was to shed light on their people as well as the unique tribal crafts they make. In order to give the organization more visibility throughout Costa Rica and the World we created the website in both English and Spanish.

As a team we gathered content and made decisions about the direction of the project. We each had individual roles as well. My role in the project was the ‘Usability Lead’. For that I set up a survey that asked the user various things about the site. It was tested with users of all different ages and levels of technological expertise. I gathered the results from the distributed surveys and delivered my findings to our site developer.

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