My name is Ryan Johanna Stuart, I add the Johanna so everybody can be sure I am a girl. If you would like to contact my mother and father to shame them for naming me Ryan, just let me know and that can be arranged.  I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and I am currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina.
I graduated with my B.A. in Communication from Kent State University in 2008 and I received my M.A. in Interactive Media from Elon University in 2012. I am a lifetime member of Lynda.com and I use it often, it is one of my most valued resources.
My hobbies include: sewing, general DIY-ery, design and cat videos, lots of cat videos.
When I am not spending time with my cat or watching cat videos I am sewing and creating tutorials for Ribbons & Stitches, a website I initially created to be the final project for my masters degree, that I have continued into my post-grad, grown up life. Check it out! If you don’t like to sew the video tutorials are hilariously awkward and worth a gander.